Welcome and Namaste

Find Your Inner Peace...

Studio Satya Yoga

​​​​Sarah Satya teaches yoga with compassion and an open heart.  Her core training is in Mukti Yoga from Aum Ashram. The classes are based in this tradition, infused with numerous other styles of yoga and spiritual disciplines. She has trained in Prenatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Dance, Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga and Tantric Yoga.  In 2009, Sarah became a certified Childrens' Yoga Teacher. She has also explored Shamanism / Native Studies, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy and Thai Yoga Massage. Sarah Satya is a lover of Mother Earth. Receiving her HBA from University of Toronto in Environmental Studies in 2003 set a foundation of conscious and ethical living.

Yoga is a journey deep within the Self.  It unifies all parts of our being; mind,

body and spirit.  Come journey with me and awaken anew...

Studio Satya Yoga was founded by Sarah Satya Caranci in 2007.  

Transform yourself on the mat; meditate, sing from your heart,    

awaken to new possibilites, breathe deep, stretch, balance and restore....

End in the ultimate relaxation of Yoga Nidra.  Discover yourself,

connect to your heart, and find your inner peace. Shanti.