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Peace & Love

Movement, meditation, mantra, breath work and yoga nidra. Located in our home studio in Bond Head.

In-Person Yoga & Reiki 

*Private Yoga $40 / HR

*Yoga Massage $60 / HR

*Reiki Session $65 / HR

*Group Yoga:

Cost: $108 for 6 classes or $20 drop-in rate.              *New session coming 2024!*


Find your inner peace

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Welcome and Namaste,

My name is Sarah Temple Caranci, Satya is my yoga name given to me by my teacher Gita Ma at Aum Ashram.  I began practicing yoga in 1999. This was the beginning of a life long journey of self healing and transformation.  I have a deep calling to teach and share the tranformational art of Yoga. (I became a certified yoga teacher in 2007).  Yoga connects us and unites us as one. Join me on the mat in person or virtually!

Om Shanti, may peace be onto us all...

Satya Sarah, HBA                                        Certified Yoga Teacher & Kids Yoga Teacher    Reiki Master

*NEW* All Virtual Yoga is now offered on Google Meet*

*Virtual Group Yoga 

Cost: $90 for 6 classes OR

​$18.00 drop-in rate.  Last virtual drop-in accepted by  11 am on class date.      *New session coming 2024!*